Bullet Breaker Time!

Breakout Bullet

Fast paced, arcade-idle game. Unique, one tap, hold, release and break gameplay makes for explosive fun madness. Get to the checkered line by breaking through the golden gates!

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Top-Spin Slam Idle Tennis

Epic Tennis

The most epic top-spin slam idle tennis game. Fast and fluid, one finger controls to hit and slice the ball. Select your unique player character and win at Epic Tennis!

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2D Gladiator Brawler

Epic Flail

Fast paced 2D brawler with a gladiator gameplay. Trapped in the arena, fighting through different modes and defeating other arena legends and epic gods!

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Optical Puzzle Illusions


Beautiful 3D puzzle game based on camera perspectives combined with the use of optical illusions. Miika challenges players with mind twisting puzzles mixed with a surrealistic four seasonal feel.

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Hypnotic Avoidance


Experience visual bliss that will take your emotions to multiple states, from joy to frustration within a split second. Fast-paced hypnotic avoidance game where your reaction and reflex skills will be tested to the limit.

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